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WES Upgrade to 2nd Gen

Woo Audio WES Upgrade
Woo Audio WES Upgrade

WES Upgrade to 2nd Gen

  • U.S. ORDER: parts, labor, and return shipping
  • INTERNATIONAL ORDER: parts and labor, shipping will be invoiced
  • Limited time, FREE shipping within CONUS

Product information

2nd gen WES uses a matching quad of output loading chokes utilizing Single Crystal Copper wires (the purest form of copper) with our proprietary winding scheme. The results are a significant improvement in clarity, sound space, dynamic range, and control. 

- for domestic CONUS customers, the cost for the upgrade is $1500 which includes parts/labor and return shipping by FedEx Ground. 

- for international customers, the cost for the upgrade is $1500 which includes parts/labor. Return shipping cost will be invoiced. 

*Send only the amplifier section of WES (no tubes) in original box and packing materials. 


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