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WTP-1 CD Transport

Woo Audio WTP-1 CD Transport
Woo Audio WTP-1 CD Transport
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WTP-1 CD Transport

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Product information

The Woo Audio WTP-1 is a finely handcrafted top-loading CD transport that delivers performance without compromise for a superior listening experience.  Woo Audio has earned a reputation for high-quality circuitry and the WTP-1 is no exception. The exclusively point-to-point approach for which Woo Audio is renowned is not appropriate for a CD player, so we have instead opted for multi-layer military-grade printed circuit boards (PCBs) and separate power supplies for the digital and mechanical circuits. We have carefully selected ultra-low noise, high-precision electronic components. The solid aluminum CD tray is equipped with custom high-damping suspension springs and is exceptionally resistant to vibration.

The WTP-1 chassis is beautifully crafted from extruded aluminum. With no screws visible from any viewing angle, these layers add a unique and eye-catching design feature. The Woo Audio WDS-1 digital-to-analog converter incorporates the same design feature and the stacked pair integrates perfectly and looks stunning together.

Finally, to enhance your comfort during your listening experience, the WTP-1 comes with a high-quality remote control. Of course, with Woo Audio's notable attention to detail, the sleek aluminum remote case is backed with felt to better protect your furniture.

The Woo Audio WTP-1 is a CD transport without rival.  The WTP-1 can extract everything from you favorite CD, From its unique contemporary design to its exceptional performance, the WTP-1 will leave you wondering how you managed without it.

*WTP-1 is compatible with most commercially available Redbook CDs but not guaranteed. DVD-A, SACD, DualDisc, HDCD, CD-R, CD-RW and non-Redbook standard discs are not compatible. 



  • Philips laser head and mechanism

  • Outputs: 1 coaxial (BNC), 1 optical (TOSLINK), 1 AES/EBU (XLR)

  • Vibration resistant CD tray construction

  • Customized high damping suspension springs for CD tray

  • 1/2" (13mm) thick solid aluminum CD tray, CNC milled.

  • High precision magnetic disc clamp with short circuit ring and low mechanical inertia

  • High traction CD cover arm

  • VFD monitor

  • Customized ultra-low temperature coefficient Crystal clock

  • Customized toroidal power transformer

  • Individual power supplies for both digital and mechanical circuits

  • Multi-layer military grade PCBs

  • Ultra-low noise, high precision resistors and selected components

  • Extruded all-aluminum chassis with no screws visible from any viewing angles

  • Allows for track forward/backward, play/pause, stop, fast-forward/backward, track repeat, disc report, and play-time in different modes


*Specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement without notice.

*Specifications and appearance are subject to change for improvement without notice.

  • WTP-1 CD transport x 1

  • Premium remote control x 1

*** AC power cord and audio cables are not included

In the box


WDS-1 Reference DAC


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