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12SN7GT Tube With Adapter (New Old Stock In Pair)

12SN7GT Tube
12SN7GT Tube

12SN7GT Tube With Adapter (New Old Stock In Pair)

  • Matched pair with adapter
  • In stock, ships in 1–2 days

Product information

Hand selected NOS (new old stock) 12SN7GT tubes (GE/RCA/Sylvania/Tung Sol) with handmade Teflon tube adapter. Clean and dense sound image with these tubes. It is very low noise, smooth and delicate in the upper-frequency range, deep and solid bass, high clarity.

Matched pair tubes, includes 12SN7 -–> 13DE7 Teflon tube adapters.

***not compatible with 1st gen WA6 and all WA6-SE


  • Brand may vary (GE/RCA/Sylvania/Tung Sol)
  • 12SN7GT tube x 2
  • 12SN7 to 13DE7 adapter x 2

In the box

  • WA6 (2nd gen)