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EL34-PH Psvane Tube (In Quad)

Psvane EL34-PH Tube
Psvane EL34-PH Tube

EL34-PH Psvane Tube (In Quad)

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Product information

EL34 is a widely used vacuum tube model for guitar amps and home stereo amplifiers.

Why EL34 not other tubes? – EL34 has unmatched musicality when compared with KT88 tubes, which offer more bass but lack of the sweetness of an EL34 sound. EL34 tubes can also take high voltage up to maximum 800V to deliver high power output. In some tube amp design, EL34 can deliver up to 50 watts of output per channel with its much desired musicality. This cannot be reached by 300B tubes so EL34 has its own sound niche and has been pursued by worldwide audiophiles and musicians for decades.

The first EL34 tube in the history was introduced by Philips in Holland and its subsidiary Mullard in UK in 1953. Till today, NOS (new-old-stock) Philips Holland EL34 tubes are still in high demand which drives price up to $800-900 per pair and very hard to find. It is considered the best sounding EL34 ever made.

The Psvane Philips Holland Replica EL34PH is developed to allow worldwide audiophiles to relive the vacuum tube history again at a fraction cost of the NOS tubes. This model has been developed over 2 years period of time, numerous prototype versions and the design process costs even more than the WE300B 1:1 replica.


Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.

Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary.


  • Psvane EL34-PH Tube x 4

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