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WR2A3 Psvane Tube


WR2A3 Psvane Tube

from 500.00
  • Matched pair
  • Preorder, ships in 1–2 weeks

Product information

While the audio world still holds Western Electric vacuum tubes as the holy grail but the availability is so remote and affordability are no where close to average person’s wallet size, Psvane Audio out of China (run by an elite group of designers left the state owned Shuguang Tube Factory) has launched a series of 1:1 replica of the legendary WE tubes. The current models include: WE300B, WE274B, WE212, WE275(2A3) and a hybrid of WE300B and RCA2A3 resulting in a whole new model called WR2A3.

If you have been dreaming of experiencing high fidelity audio in the old fashioned tube way, this WE Replica series may just bring you back in time to the 1930’s with the same look, same feel and even ‘almost’ (we cannot say 100% as listening is a very subjective matter varying from person to person) the same good old sound.



Psvane WR2A3- a whole new substitute for 2A3, the world’s first hybrid of WE300B and RCA single plate 2A3: 

The WR2A3 tube is a whole new creation – it is not a replica of any tubes existed in the history before. WR2A3 was created to combine the bottle shape, structure and materials of Western Electric 300B with the electrical specification of RCA single plate 2A3 to get the best of both worlds. The end result is – a silky, open and extended top frequency that has never be available with any 2A3 tubes before.

WR2A3 and WE275 Replica both are substitute for 2A3 tubes on auto biased tube amps. It is worth to mention that WE275 replica has negative grid voltage -60V, not the standard 2A3’s -45V. In a manual bias 2A3 amp, the bias current has to be adjusted to avoid red plate happening on the WE275 replica.


  • Psvane WR2A3 tube, matched pair or matched quad

In the box

  • WA33 (Standard Edition & Elite Edition) - matched quad
  • WA234-MONO - matched pair